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Careers at SPIE Global Services Energy

You may be a seasoned professional looking to move to a dynamic, innovative organisation, or you could earn while you learn and join us as a Graduate, Professional Trainee or an Apprentice.

If you have drive, ambition and a desire to work in an international environment, then SPIE Global Services Energy offers a fantastic chance to build a career within any of the disciplines we cover.

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SPIE Global Services Energy skills management program

Bernhart Spie Oil & Gas Services Team
Christophe Bernhart
Managing Director of SPIE Global Services Energy

Employees of SPIE Global Services Energy are our greatest asset and they play an essential role in our performance.

Our skills management program aims to make our business more visible and understandable and to facilitate the support of our talents within SPIE Global Services Energy. It identifies and develops the skills for:

  • Encouraging internal promotion, which is one of the essential values ​​of SPIE Global Services Energy.
  • Providing a better vision of offers and career prospects within our Company, in particular, and SPIE Group, in general.
  • Adapting to new markets and continuous technological developments.

The objective of this program is to support all our Employees in developing their careers and to offer a better visibility of their career paths.”

SPIE Global Services Energy CSR commitment is in line with its values of proximity,
performance & responsibility

CO2 Emissions


⇨ Drawing on the expertise of its 4,300 employees, SPIE Global Services Energy helps players in the oil, gas and renewable energies industries to improve the technical performance of their infrastructures, increase their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.


At SPIE we consider diversity to be an integral part of corporate social responsibility and a driver for our development. Inextricably bound up with the group’s guiding principles and management values in general, it is a cornerstone of our company-wide project “SPIE, sharing a vision for the future”. SPIE is committed to preventing discrimination and fostering equal opportunities and treatment, both during the recruitment process and throughout its employees’ careers.


Time for


As part of the Group’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, SPIE Global Services Energy has been encouraging for several years now its employees to dedicate their time for a sustainable world by volunteering in local associations, schools and other organisations. From 2021, these actions will focus on two major themes: access to water & energy and education. Such initiatives are the perfect opportunity for our employees to put into actions our shared values of proximity and responsibility.

Ready for the next 120 years

Since its very beginnings, SPIE has contributed to every subsequent technological revolution within the transport, energy and communications sectors.

The company has, alongside its employees, pursued its technical and human adventure and has never stopped redefining itself to grow and become the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communications.

Ever faithful to the spirit of the entrepreneurs who created SPIE and have developed it over the last 120 years, our company now employs 46,000 men and women who are committed to achieving the energy and digital transition alongside our customers.
More than ever, our actions focus on the long-term challenges posed by climate change.