SPIE Global Services Energy

As an international subsidiary of the SPIE group present in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North America, SPIE Global Services Energy operates across the entire energy production infrastructure value chain, from design to maintenance.

SPIE Global Services Energy relies on an extensive local network to quickly deploy resources and meet its customers needs in the safest possible conditions. 

5,000 employees of 75 different nationalities working in 23 countries

A committed management team

Bernhart - SPIE Oil & Gas Services Team
Christophe BERNHART
Managing Director
Chief Financial Officer
HR & Communication Director
Bonnef - Spie Oil & Gas Services Team
Legal Director & Compliance Officer
Bernabe Spie Oil and Gas Services Team
Guillaume BARNABÉ
Mergers & Acquisitions and Internal Control Director
Development and Operations Support Director
Wind Power BU Director
Sub-Saharan Africa BU Director
RANIERI Spie Oil & Gas Services team
BU Europe & North Africa Director
Maudit Spie Oil & Gas Services Team
BU Middle East Director
Augay at Spie Oil & Gas services
BU Asia Pacific Director

Our values

SPIE’s core values and open door policy respects and cares for every employee and customer.


Close to the field, close to our customers, close to our people: proximity is what allow us to better understand client needs and be reactive and precise in our response.


We aim to be best in class in results, in offering our customer added value service, to reach excellence, in an ethical and responsible way.


Safety is our first duty, wherever we are. No compromise, at all levels. And in SPIE Global Services Energy we apply group Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.

SPIE Global Services Energy milestones


Acquisitions of IPEDEX (established since 1970), and FORAID by AMEC SPIE. SPIE ENERTECH, Engineering entity of AMEC SPIE, merges with them to found SPIE Oil & Gas Services


Acquisition of GEMCO Turbomachines, French Mechanical rotating equipment specialist


Acquisition of PLEXAL Group, Australian Specialist Engineering company


SPIE celebrates its 120th anniversary.
Ready for the next 120 years!


Acquisition of Correll Group Ltd. SPIE Oil & Gas Services becomes SPIE Global Services Energy!

A Culture of prevention

A culture of prevention is built over time and we are proud to be considered a benchmark company within our industry.

The focus of our decisions and actions demonstrates our commitment to health and safety where technical capability and an attitude to risk prevention is the marque of a true professional.
Since health and safety affects each employee, risk prevention forms an integral part of the core values underpinning SPI E’s objectives.

Performance & Safety

Our prevention approach strengthens the bonds of trust that unite us with our employees, partners and customers. lt strengthens the appeal of SPIE, contributes to its growth and forms part of its strategy.

Innovation is a performance factor in the area of risk prevention. New ideas, whether they corne from each person’s experience, from the sharing of knowledge within each occupation or from customers’ expectations, help move our practices forward to ensure even better health and safety performance.

“Until we reach the target of zero accidents, we can’t say we’ve succeeded!” With this in minci, we adhere to the most stringent work practices .

Proximity & Safety

The variety of environments and industry sectors in which we operate calls for constant vigilance and the anticipation of risks lie at the heart of our approach, regardless of the continents on which we operate.

The attention and understanding that SPIE gives to its teams, its colleagues and to other parties represent a key factor for development of health and safety.

All employees, permanent or temporary, are ambassadors for the company in their roles and responsibilities; their professional behaviour refiects the health and safety identity of SPIE .

Responsibility & Safety

Safety and Prevention Standards reflect our commitment in terms of risk prevention which applies a cross all our units and for each employee. ln addition we actively ensure that our sub-contractors follow our health and safety instructions.

All new employees and units are involved in the risk prevention approach and SPIE’s commitment in terms of health and safety supports its development.

All employees are committed players in ensuring their own safety and that of others. The exemplary performance of the management team is the first sign of this commitment.

PRIM Operation Integrity Director - SPIE Oil & Gas Services
Richard PRIM
HSE & Security Director - SPIE Global Services Energy

“Since health and safety affects each employee, risk prevention forms an integral part of the core values underpinning SPIE’s objectives”

Principles of business ethical conduct

The Global Compact

SPIE adheres to the guidelines of the OECD and has been a member of Global Compact since 2003, an organisation which, under the aegis of the United Nations, promotes the protection of human rights, the compliance with labour rules, the fight against corruption, and the taking into account of environmental issues.

The Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee of SPIE Global Services Energy is made up of the Managing Director, the Human Resources Director, the Compliance Officer (who is also the Legal Director) as well as the Operation Integrity Director (DOI).
The committee meets at least once a quarter.
Its missions : Monitoring and updating of the anti-corruption program, controlling risk management and providing substantiated and detailed guidance on specific situations related to the fight against corruption.

The Ethics Code

The principles of ethical business conduct of SPIE embody the Group’s undertakings in the area of ethics and reflect our historical values as expressed in our “Guiding principles”.
The purpose of those undertakings is not only to ensure our compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but also to win and keep our clients’, our shareholders’, our employees’, our suppliers’, and our other partners’ trust over time.

Third party undisputable integrity

To limit bribery committed by third parties (suppliers, customers, subcontractors, etc.) in the name of the company, it is mandatory for the company to carry out due diligence on the integrity of these third parties and to monitor their activities. This obligation applies each time SPIE Global Services Energy works with a new third party (or when the due diligence was carried out more than two years ago), and may include, among other actions, sending a questionnaire to be completed by the third party concerned.

Zero acceptance of corruption behaviours

SPIE rejects any kind of corruption. Corruption can be active or passive. Active corruption is the fact of offering money, a benefit, a donation or a promise in exchange for a privilege (contracts, jobs, and any other favourable decision). Passive corruption is the fact of accepting or soliciting a gift, money, a promise or an undue benefit, to favour a person or company in exchange for it, and using one’s position and authority.

The whistleblowing alert

The ethics alert is an internal alert system put in place by SPIE Global Services Energy which is intended to allow employees to bring to the attention of a dedicated referent (see hereafter for details ) a behavior or a situation either potentially contrary to SPIE’s Code of ethics or which are liable to constitute breaches of probity.
The purpose of this alert is to put an end to the “unethical” behavior and to take appropriate sanctions, if necessary.